Bob Davis

name: Robert Davis

According to Maltin & Bann's book, Bob Davis was the transportation director at Hal Roach Studios for forty years. The payroll summaries indicate that he began with Roach the week ending June 9, 1923. If his tenure really did last forty years, then he was presumably at the studio until it was torn down in 1963. There were actually several people who worked in the transportation department over the years, but it appears that Davis was the one who primarily drove the Our Gang bus, which took the kids to whichever locations were needed for each of their films. Needless to say, this particular duty never resulted in any screen credit, so this filmography is very sparse, containing only one film in which Davis made a cameo. Davis was a neighbor of Joe Cobb's in Culver City starting in 1922. His association with Our Gang would have ended when they moved to MGM in 1938.


14. Dogs Of War! (bit role: the truck driver)
July 1, 1923 - Roach/Pathé - 2 reels - prod. A-14 - Our Gang series
Premiered June 10, 1923. Filmed Jan. 12 to Feb. 10, 1923, with retakes Feb. 20 to 23, and Apr. 11, 1923. ©July 19, 1923. Davis is barely seen at all in this, his only known film appearance.

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