C. H. Roach

name: Charles H. Roach
nickname: "Dad"
died early 1936

C. H. Roach was the father of studio head Hal Roach, and served as secretary-treasurer for roughly eighteen years. Because of this, he had at least a casual involvement in all of the studio's output during his tenure, including all of the Our Gang films made up until the first half of 1936. Admittedly, there isn't much to this filmography, since "Dad" Roach apparently never received onscreen credit.


With the departure of Dwight Whiting on April 4th, the job of secretary-treasurer of the Rolin Film Company went to C. H. Roach, the father of company boss.


34. The Big Town (use of name)
Jan. 11, 1925 - Roach/Pathé - 2 reels - prod. A-34 - Our Gang series
Filmed Sep. 22 to Oct. 2, 1924. ©Dec. 9, 1924. The telegram shown in the film is from C. H. Roach. The kids hail from Elmira, New York, the hometown of the Roach family, which is where the telegram comes from.


Roach died during the first half of this year. This would have happened sometime after March 7th, the date on which Roach signed Spanky McFarland's latest contract.

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