The following is a list of the filmographies which I've compiled so far. I've been gradually going through the crew members for the series, more or less chronologically. Admittedly, these pages are less of a priority than the film pages elsewhere on the website, so it's been pretty slow-going when it comes to adding new ones. I'm also not quite as diligent about checking the facts on the filmographies as I am on the film pages, and often lean on the Internet Movie Database, so this is definitely an area where input from readers is both desired and encouraged.

Hal Roach
Roach was credited onscreen as the presenter of the films, and offscreen as both a producer and story writer. His role as producer was curtailed somewhat during the late silent and early talkie eras, as Robert McGowan was given onscreen credit for this.

Charley Chase
Chase was director-general at the studio when the Our Gang series began, and thus received supervisory credit on the first few episodes. He later made occasional cameos in the films.

Robert F. McGowan
McGowan directed most of the Our Gang films until the end of 1933, and returned two years later to direct one more. During the latter part of his tenure with the series, he also received production and story credits.
Tom McNamara
McNamara shared directorial duties with McGowan for the first year of the series, and also was involved with writing and illustrating the title cards.
Fred Newmeyer
Newmeyer directed the pilot version of the first Our Gang film, and returned in the mid-30s to direct on an occasional basis.
Charles Oelze
Oelze was involved in the property department, but served as assistant director on many Our Gang films, and was even given directorial credit a few times during the late silent era.
Mark Goldaine
Goldaine was briefly a writer and director for the series in late 1923 and early 1924.
James Parrott
Parrott was a writer for the series in the early '30s, and possibly earlier. He also directed one Our Gang short in 1934.

Assistant Directors
Clarence Morehouse
Morehouse was an assistant director for the series until the end of 1923.

Art Lloyd
Lloyd photographed most of the Our Gang films made between 1924 and 1938.
Len Powers
Powers was the earliest known photographer of the Our Gang series, but moved on to other projects after the first year. He later touched base with the series from time to time.
Harry W. Gerstad
Gerstad was the series photographer during 1923, and was also involved at the end of 1925.
Frank Young
Young photographed a handful of Our Gang films in early 1924.
Bob Walters
Walters photographed at least one Our Gang film in 1924.

Richard Currier
Currier was the head film editor at the Roach studio between 1925 and 1932.
Thomas J. Crizer
Crizer was the head film editor at the Roach studio until 1925.
Bert Jordan
Jordan spent many years as a cutter in the editing department, and received editing credit for a handful of Our Gang films between 1933 and 1937.

H. M. Walker
Walker wrote the titles for the vast majority of silent episodes, and wrote dialogue for the early talkies.
A. H. Giebler
Giebler wrote the titles for at least one of the Our Gang shorts in 1924, and wrote the screenplay for one of their early MGM shorts in the late '30s.
Leo McCarey
McCarey was one of the earliest gag writers for the series. He was later director-general at the studio, but was not directly involved with the Our Gang series, which was semi-autonomous by that time.

Sherbourne Shields
Shields handled props for one Our Gang short in 1926/27, and perhaps others.

Animal trainers
Tony Campanaro
Campanaro provided the series with his dog, Pal, and later ran the Roach Ranch. He also trained the final version of Pete the Pup.
C. I. Norris and Cal Norris
These two monkey trainers worked on the Dippy Doo Dads series, which means that they may have occasionally provided monkeys for the Our Gang series during 1923.

Fern Carter
Carter was the studio schoolteacher for the Our Gang kids for almost the entire run of the series.

Studio Personnel
Warren Doane
Doane was general manager of the Roach studio until 1931.
L. A. French
He was an assistant general manager, production manager, purchasing agent, etc. etc. at the Roach studio. Whatever casual involvement he had with Our Gang probably ended when he became Laurel & Hardy's production manager in 1936.
C. H. Roach
Roach was secretary-treasurer at the Roach studio until 1936.
C. E. Christensen
He was a technical chief, technical director, head of the construction department, etc. etc. at the Roach studio.
John L. Murphy
He was a purchasing superintendent at the Roach studio, and left to join Harold Lloyd at his new studio in 1923.
Roy Seawright
Seawright started off as a prop man, and then became the studio animator in 1927. This position expanded over the years to include the various special effects used in the Roach films.
Gene Kornman
Kornman was a still photographer at the studio, and left in 1923 to join Harold Lloyd at his new studio.
Bud "Stax" Graves
Graves was a still photographer at the Roach studio throughout the years in which Our Gang was produced there.
Bob Davis
Davis was a bus driver for the studio starting in 1923, eventually earning the title of transportation director.

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