Harold "Bouncy" Wertz

full name: Harold Eugene Wertz, Jr.
professional nickname: Bouncy
born Aug. 3, 1927, in Denison, TX
died Nov. 21, 1999, in San Diego, CA, from complications of a stroke


114. Choo-Choo! (supporting role)
May 7, 1932 - Roach/MGM - 2 reels - prod. G-7 - Our Gang series
Filmed Jan. 25 to Feb. 4, 1932. ©May 2, 1932.
115. The Pooch (supporting role)
June 11, 1932 - Roach/MGM - 2 reels - prod. G-8 - Our Gang series
Also listed for June 4, 1932. Filmed Mar. 9 to 17, 1932. ©June 13, 1932.
116. Hook And Ladder (supporting role: Bouncy)
Aug. 27, 1932 - Roach/MGM - 2 reels - prod. G-9 - Our Gang series
Filmed May 18 to 28, 1932. ©Sep. 14, 1932.







After this, Harold and Kathleen had two kids, Deborah and Richard, and Harold established a pipe company in Orange County. After his retirement to Murieta, CA, he made a hobby of restoring Model A Fords and was part of an RV club.


Rascal Dazzle (archival)
1978 - King World/Picture Scores - 93 min. - documentary feature
©1978. Seems to have debuted on TV, followed by a theatrical release in late 1979. Includes footage from "Choo-Choo!" and "Hook And Ladder."


The Our Gang Story (archival)
1994 - Film Shows/GoodTimes - 120 min. - video documentary
Includes footage from "Hook And Ladder."




Added Attractions: The Hollywood Shorts Story (appearance)
Feb. 5, 2002 - Jones/TCM - 89 min. - TV documentary
Includes footage from "The Pooch."

Harold Wertz's payroll history

The following is a list of Harold's history at the Roach studio, with the amounts he was making from week to week. The dates given are Saturdays, the last day of each week at the studio.

After this, it would be about a month before Harold returned to the studio for his next film.

After this, it would be about two months before Harold worked in his next Our Gang film.

After this, Harold would not appear in any more Our Gang films. However, a longterm contract that had been signed on March 12th was to take effect on June 15th, and would soon be prematurely terminated.

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