Fish Hooky

film no. 120

technical details:

Production G-13.

Release no. C-625.

Filmed October 17 to 22, 1932. See the 'miscellaneous' section below for details.

Title sheet prepared by Richard Currier on November 8, 1932.

Cutting continuity submitted November 19, 1932.

Copyrighted January 16, 1933, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Corporation. Registration no. LP3561. Renewed March 7, 1960, with registration no. R253249. This copyright is currently due to expire at the end of 2028.

Released January 28, 1933. It was the 120th film in the series to be released.

All-talking two-reeler.

Opening title: 'Hal Roach presents Our Gang in "Fish Hooky".'

King World Productions episode no. 19, available in both colorized and original black-and-white versions.

the crew:

Produced by Robert F. McGowan for Hal Roach
The film credits Roach as a presenter, and designates it as "A Robert McGowan Production." Maltin & Bann list Roach only for this credit.
Directed by Robert F. McGowan
This credit appears in the film, but without his middle initial.
Photographed by Art Lloyd
This credit appears in the film. The Blackhawk print adds the A. S. C. designation.
Edited by Richard Currier
This credit appears in the film.
Recording Engineer: James Greene
This credit appears in the film.
Animal trainer: Tony Campanaro
He trained the current Pete.
Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Indicated in the opening title card.
Passed by the National Board of Review
As indicated in the film.
Western Electric System
As indicated in the film.
studio personnel
general manager - Henry Ginsberg
assistant general manager - L. A. French
secretary-treasurer - C. H. Roach
assistant secretary - Mat O'Brien
sound department - Elmer Raguse
construction supervisor - C. E. Christensen
laboratory superintendent - Charles Levin
optical effects supervisor - Roy Seawright
still photographer - Bud "Stax" Graves
transportation director - Bob Davis
school teacher - Fern Carter
possible uncredited involvement
assistant direction - Probably Don Sandstrom.
writing - Robert F. McGowan probably headed story development, while Carl Harbaugh, Frank Terry, Charlie Hall, Robert A. McGowan and Gordon Douglas may have been among the gag writers.
property department - Charles Oelze, Don Sandstrom, Thomas Benton Roberts and Bob Saunders were probably involved in this capacity.
titles - Louis McManus probably designed the main titles.

the kids:

Matthew "Stymie" Beard as "Stymie"
Featured role. He's one of four boys that play hooky on the wrong day. He gets a bit of extra screen time being chased by the truant officer.
Dickie Moore as "Dickie Moore" aka "Dick"
Featured role. Of the four truant boys, he and Stymie get the most dialogue.
George "Spanky" McFarland
Supporting role. The nickname doesn't turn up in the dialogue, but the cutting continuity includes it. Oddly enough, the snipe on the back of a press photo for this film indicates that his nickname was "Bumpy" during this period. It's difficult to believe that this was anything more than a clerical error. He delivers the notes back and forth between the boys and the teacher and accompanies the boys to the pier.
Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins as "Wheezer"
Supporting role. He's given a fair amount of dialogue and pairs up with Uh-huh through much of the film. His last name is implied in the film by the note signed by his mother, "Mrs. Hutchins."
Johnny Collum as "Uh-huh"
Supporting role. He's the fourth of the four truant boys and has the least amount of dialogue of the four, but nevertheless is given plenty of screen time. Introduced in the cutting continuity as "Johnny (Uh Huh)."
Dorothy "Echo" DeBorba as "Dorothy"
Supporting role. She basically accompanies Miss Kornman through much of the film, helping to put one over on the boys.
Bobbie "Cotton" Beard as "Cotton"
Supporting role. You can just barely hear Stymie call him Cotton as they leave with the truant officer. He accompanies Spanky through most of the film, and rides with the boys to the pier.
Joe Cobb as "Joe"
Small part. He writes the phony notes for the boys.
Allen "Farina" Hoskins as "Farina"
Small part. He accompanies Joe and suggests to the boys that they play hooky. This was his last appearance in the series.
Donald Haines
Small part. He has a couple of lines in the classroom scene, and can be seen on some of the rides. This was his last appearance in the series.
Georgie Billings
Small part. He has one line in the classroom scene, and is also seen at the pier.
Richard and Robert Smith
Extras. These two are shown both in the classroom and on the roller coaster.
Dickie Jackson
Extra. He can be seen a handful of times at the pier.
Henry Hanna
Extra. He sits behind Dorothy in the classroom.
Doris Oelze
Extra. In the shot where Miss Kornman and Dorothy are in the gazebo and the schoolkids are surrounding it, Doris can be seen at the far right of the picture, looking in the direction of the camera.
Mildred Kornman
Extra. The payroll ledger indicates that she worked in this film. She's in the second seat of the second row from the left in the classroom.
other kids
There are ten to fifteen additional kids in the class that are also seen in several shots at the pier. Among them, according to Maltin & Bann, is Bobby De War, who seems to be right behind Mildred. There are also several additional kids shown at the pier in the background.

the animals:

Pete the Pup IV
Small part. He accompanies Joe and Farina and is only seen in the scenes next to the creek.
Bit part. The MGM lion appears at the opening of the film.
other animals
Bit parts and extras.
(1.) The pony that Spanky and Cotton ride on.
(2.) The two pigeons seen walking on the beach in the background.

the adults:

Mickey Daniels as "Mickey Daniels" aka "Mick," the truant officer
Featured role. He chases the truant boys around the pier.
Mary Kornman as "Miss Kornman" aka "Mary," the school teacher
Supporting role. She decides to teach the boys a lesson by pretending not to know them. The cutting continuity refers to her by her full name.
Baldwin Cooke as the amusement park barker
Bit part. He talks briefly to Stymie and Dickie.
other adults
Bit parts and extras.
(1.) The roller coaster operator.
(2.) Scores of people seen in the background at the pier.

the music:

"Good Old Days" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931.
(A1.) This is played over the opening titles and during the opening classroom scene. It's played again as Miss Kornman pretends not to know the boys. It's played about one and a half times as Mickey tries to kiss Mary and the end titles appears.
"In My Canoe" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. This is played during the scene with Joe and Farina and the boys. This is the version reproduced on the first Beau Hunks CD.
"Beautiful Lady" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. The very beginning of this piece is played as Miss Kornman talks to Dorothy. The rest of it is played as Spanky and Cotton bring the phony notes to Miss Kornman. The beginning is played again as Mickey arrives at the beach threatening to send the boys to reform school.
"You Are The One I Love" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. The middle part of this piece is played as Mickey meets up with Mary.
"Candy Candy" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Dec. 23, 1930. This is played, minus the introduction, as Mickey talks to Spanky, and as Spanky returns to the other boys.
"Wishing" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. A few seconds of this piece are played as the boys read the note from Miss Kornman. A longer portion is played as the boys lament over picking the wrong day to play hooky. The second half of the piece is played as the boys see the other kids going into the fun house. A few seconds are repeated as Mickey brings the boys to Miss Kornman.
"Bells" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. This is played, with a little bit of the end missing, as the boys return to school to find that everybody has left, and Mickey starts talking to them. It's played again as the kids try to get on the rides wearing disguises.
"Little Dancing Girl" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. Also known as "Dancing Girl" and "Dancing Girls." This is played as Mickey describes reform school. It's played again as the boys unsuccessfully try to get on the rides. This is the version reproduced on the first Beau Hunks CD.
"Here We Go" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted 1930. A few seconds of this piece are played as Mickey offers to drive the boys to the pier. A longer portion is played as Mickey puts gas in his car.
"Hide And Go Seek" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Dec. 23, 1930. A few seconds of this piece are played as we first see the amusement pier. A longer portion is played as the boys watch the other kids on the roller coaster and the airplane ride.
piece 120
This piece is played at the pier in the initial shots taken there, and overlapped by "Hide And Go Seek." It's repeated during the closeups of the airplane ride.
"Dash And Dot" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted 1930. About half of this piece is played as Mickey catches up to Wheezer and Uh-huh, and catches Dickie as well. One verse is repeated as Mickey catches Stymie.
"Fliver Flops" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931. This is played while Mickey chases Stymie. It fades out before the end, and also speeds up in the middle verse, differing from the version reproduced by the Beau Hunks.

the locations:

Venice Pier
Filming was done here from the 17th through the 20th of October. Specifically, for the 17th, the studio datebook states 'Venice Pier, etc.' Shown in the various shots are the Some Kick roller coaster, the Fun House, the Flying Circus, the Racing Derby, the Niagara Barrel ride, and the merry-go-round. Stymie recollected filming having been done at Santa Monica Pier, but this is incorrect.
Hal Roach Ranch
Filming was done here on both Oct. 21st and 22nd. The school room scene was shot on the 22nd. The sign over the door of the schoolhouse says 'District School No. 6.' The access road leading onto the property was used in the shot where the boys are rushing to school. This was located roughly where David Avenue is nowadays, just west of Robertson Boulevard.
Ballona Creek, Culver City
In his interview with Buddy McDonald, Richard Bann reveals that this location was used, no doubt for the fishing scenes. Perhaps this is the footage shot on Oct. 21st.


6 shooting dates went into the making of this film. Five weeks had passed since shooting finished for "A Lad An' A Lamp" (no. 119). The studio was closed for the final two weeks. The day of the reopening, Oct. 17th, shooting began for "Fish Hooky," and continued until Oct. 22nd. No shooting took place on Oct. 16th, which was a Sunday. After this, six weeks passed before the Our Gang unit began filming "Forgotten Babies" (no. 121). The studio was closed during one of those weeks.

Footage shot at Venice Pier, most of which didn't make it into this film, was included in a montage for "Mush And Milk" (no. 123), the first half of which was also included in the Charley Chase film "Arabian Tights."

The 1932 studio datebook gives quite a few details about each of the shooting dates, which read as follows:
Mon., Oct. 17 - Studio Reopened (after 2 weeks close) - G-13 (begin) Shooting - McGowan directing - Location - Venice Pier etc. - weather clear
Tue., Oct. 18 - G-13 Shooting - McGowan directing - Location Venice - weather clear
Wed., Oct. 19 - G-13 Shooting - McGowan directing - Location Venice - weather clear
Thu., Oct. 20 - G-13 Shooting - McGowan directing - Location Venice - weather clear
Fri., Oct. 21 - G-13 Shooting - McGowan directing - Location Culver City Ranch - weather clear
Sat., Oct. 22 - G-13 Shooting - McGowan directing - Ranch - School Room Set - weather clear - production finished

The little calendar at the beginning of the film indicates that it's May 1931 in the story.

The pier is named Seaside Pier in the film.

In the category of unseen characters, Farina makes reference to "Miss Crabtree." The phony notes also make reference to "Mrs. Moore" and "Mrs. Hutchins."

Reel two opens at the pier.

The script submitted to MGM was given the catalog number B418.


The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Vol. 16 (VHS) from Cabin Fever and
The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Volume Three (4 LD set) from Cabin Fever
Released 1995. This is a complete original print with excellent picture quality. The total footage lasts 18:17. This version has appeared on numerous bootlegs.
The Little Rascals Colorized Collection (VHS) from Hallmark Home Entertainment
Released Apr. 19, 1999. One of six same-named VHS releases, each with three colorized films, deriving from the Cabin Fever versions.
The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (8 DVD set) from Genius Products
Released late Oct. 2008. This is identical to the Cabin Fever version.
The Little Rascals: Fish Hooky/Spooky Hooky (VHS) from Republic Pictures Home Video
Released 1990. This is a home movie print from Blackhawk. The opening and end titles, and the crew credits are remade. The picture quality is good. The original footage totals 17:45, but the original soundtrack lasts an additional 0:26.
The Little Rascals Book XXII (VHS) from Blackhawk Video
This is the Blackhawk print.
Rascal Dazzle (VHS/LD) from Embassy Home Entertainment
Original film released 1981. Video released 1984. A clip lasting 0:06 is included as part of the opening montage for this documentary, showing a closeup of Stymie talking to the carnival barker. Another clip lasting 0:17 is included, showing the kids on the roller coaster, with music and narration added.
Jackie Remembers Our Gang - The Silent Era (VHS/DVD) from Jackie Taylor
A clip lasting 0:09 is included, showing Joe and Farina talking to the kids, with narration added. Four seconds of this footage is repeated later, also with narration added.

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