Bored Of Education

film no. 146


The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Vol. 8 (VHS) from Cabin Fever and
The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Volume Two (4 LD set) from Cabin Fever
Released July 6, 1994. Also released as part of 12 VHS boxed set. This is a complete original print with excellent picture quality. The total footage lasts 10:06. This version has appeared on numerous bootlegs. There's also a clip lasting 0:03 included in the opening advertisement of all the Cabin Fever VHS releases, showing Porky licking his lips.

The Little Rascals Volume 8: Collector's Edition (VHS) from Hallmark Home Entertainment
Released Aug. 15, 2000. Also included as part of The Little Rascals Volumes 1-10: Collector's Edition (10 VHS set), released Aug. 15, 2000.

The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Vol. 7 & Vol. 8 (DVD) from Cabin Fever
Same contents as the Cabin Fever VHS releases. Also released as part of The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited (6 DVD set).

The Little Rascals Digitally Remastered - Collector's Edition III (DVD) from Hallmark Home Entertainment
Released Nov. 15, 2005. This derives from the Cabin Fever release.

The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (8 DVD set) from Genius Products
Released late Oct. 2008. This is identical to the Cabin Fever version. There are also four clips from this film shown in the main menu.

Little Rascals: Readin' And Writin' & Bored Of Education (VHS) from Cabin Fever
Canadian release.

The Little Rascals Colorized Collection (VHS) from Hallmark Home Entertainment
Released Apr. 19, 1999. One of six same-named VHS releases, each with three colorized films, deriving from the Cabin Fever versions.

The Little Rascals Volume 2 (VHS) from Spotlite Video
Released 1985. This is a home movie print from Blackhawk. The opening title and crew credits are remade, but the end title is original. The picture quality is very good, but the soundtrack is a bit shaky. The original footage totals 9:37, but the original soundtrack lasts an additional 0:19.

The Little Rascals Book X (VHS) from Blackhawk Video
This is the Blackhawk print.

The Little Rascals: Bored Of Education/Arbor Day (VHS) from Republic Pictures Home Video
Released May 1991. This is the Blackhawk print.

Rascal Dazzle (VHS/LD) from Embassy Home Entertainment
Original film released 1981. Video released 1984. A clip lasting 0:36 is included, showing the kids looking glum on the school steps, with music and narration added.

Jackie Remembers Our Gang - Memories From Little Rascals Family Theater (VHS/DVD) from Jackie Taylor
A clip lasting 3:32 is included, showing various scenes from the film.

technical details:

Production K-1.

Released August 29, 1936. It was the 146th film in the series to be released. The reissue of the book lists Aug. 20th, while the 1977 edition, and Maltin's earlier book, list Aug. 29th, which makes it the usual Saturday release.

Copyrighted September 3, 1936, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Corporation. Registration no. LP6593. Renewed November 1, 1963, with registration no. R324749. This copyright is currently due to expire at the end of 2031.

All-talking one-reeler.

Opening title: 'Hal Roach presents Our Gang in "Bored Of Education".' This film was the first with a new title design.

King World Productions episode no. 11a, available in both colorized and original black-and-white versions.

the crew:

Produced by Hal Roach
Credited in the film as a presenter.

Directed by Gordon Douglas
This credit appears in the film.

Photography: Art Lloyd, A. S. C.
This credit appears in the film.

Film Editor: William Ziegler
This credit appears in the film. Maltin & Bann credit William Randall.

Sound: William Randall
Not listed by Maltin & Bann. This credit appears in the film.

Animal trainer: Tony Campanaro
He trained the current Pete.

Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Indicated in the opening title card.

Passed by the National Board of Review
As indicated in the film.

Western Electric System
As indicated in the film.

Approved by the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America
Certificate no. 2431.

studio personnel
possible uncredited involvement

the kids:

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer
Lead role. The nickname wasn't used in this film. He pretends to have a toothache, and ends up singing with a stopper caught in his throat.

George "Spanky" McFarland
Featured role. The nickname wasn't used in this film. Everything that happens to Alfalfa is Spanky's idea.

Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas
Supporting role. The nickname wasn't used in this film. He's left out of Spanky and Alfalfa's scheme.

Eugene "Porky" Lee
Small part. The nickname wasn't used in this film. He eats Darla's apple.

Darla Hood
Small part. She's the only one who's excited about the first day of school.

Baby Patsy May
Extra. Her photo is shown during the opening credits, but she isn't noticeable in the film. However, she does appear in publicity photos for the scene in front of the school.

Joe "Corky" Geil
Extra. Not listed by Maltin & Bann. He sits behind Alfalfa.

Harold Switzer
Extra. He sits behind Spanky.

John Collum
Extra. He sits behind Corky.

Sidney Kibrick
Extra. He sits to the right of Corky.

girl 146
Extra. She sits behind Buckwheat.

Daniel Boone
Extra. He sits behind Sidney.

Donald Proffitt
Extra. He sits behind Harold.

Dickie De Nuet
Extra. He sits in front of Sidney.

Barbara Goodrich
Extra. Not listed by Maltin & Bann. She sits in the back of Buckwheat's row.

boy 136
Extra. He sits in front of Alfalfa.

other kids
Extras. There are six additional kids in the classroom, and perhaps one or two shown outside the school in the opening scenes that didn't make it into the classroom scene. Maltin & Bann listed Dorian Johnston in the 1977 edition of their book, and added Robert Lentz to the 1992 edition without removing Johnston's name. This was the same mistake they made for "Sprucin' Up" (no. 137), where two names end up on the list for one kid. In any event, none of these kids look like either Lentz or Johnston to me. Patsy Barry signs photos for this film, and I think she might be one of the brunette girls outside the school. She also signs classroom photos as well, but is identified as a different kid in those.

the animals:

Pete the Pup IV
Bit part. He's shown outside the school at the beginning of the film.

Bit part. The MGM lion appears at the opening of the film.

the adults:

Rosina Lawrence as "Miss Lawrence"
Featured role. She's given onscreen credit. She's the new teacher and isn't easily fooled.

Jack Egan as the ice cream man
Small part. He delivers ice cream to the school.

George Washington
The Unfinished Portrait is hanging in the classroom.

the music:

"Good Old Days" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931.
(A15.) This is played over the opening titles and as we first see the school. The second verse is repeated as Spanky and Alfalfa eat ice cream and the end title appears.

"Good Morning To You" by Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith Hill
First published in 1893 as "Good Morning To All" in a songbook called Song Stories For The Kindergarten. In this film, Alfalfa sings it outside, and later, the class sings it to Miss Lawrence. The song was rewritten with new lyrics as "Happy Birthday To You."

"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" by Thomas Moore
This melody was put to the poem My Lodging It Is In The Cold Ground, and first printed that way in 1737, but probably existed long before that. Moore put new words to the melody in 1808. The melody was also used for "Fair Harvard." The Moore song was a number ten hit for John McCormack in 1911. In this film, it's sung by Alfalfa. Marvin Hatley received arrangement credit for this version, which was copyrighted on May 18, 1936.


Hal E. Roach Studios
This entire film was shot at the studio, no doubt on Stage 4.


The date of the first day of school in this film is Sep. 14th.

This film won the Academy Award for Best One-Reel Short of 1936. The awards ceremony took place on Mar. 4, 1937.

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