Mail And Female

film no. 161


The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Vol. 14 (VHS) from Cabin Fever and
The Little Rascals Remastered & Unedited Volume Three (4 LD set) from Cabin Fever
Released 1995. This is a mostly original print, but with a generic end title added on. The picture quality is very good, but gets a bit shabby towards the end. The original footage totals 10:38. This version has appeared on numerous bootlegs.

The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (8 DVD set) from Genius Products
Released late Oct. 2008. This is identical to the Cabin Fever version.

The Little Rascals On Parade (VHS) from NTA Home Entertainment
Released Apr. 1991. This is a home movie print from Blackhawk. The opening title and crew credits are remade, but the end title is original. The picture quality is very good. The original footage totals 10:20, but the original soundtrack lasts an additional 0:15.

The Little Rascals Book VI (VHS) from Blackhawk Video
This is the Blackhawk print.

The Little Rascals: Readin' And Writin'/Mail And Female (VHS) from Republic Pictures Home Video
Released May 1991. This is the Blackhawk print.

Little Rascals: Mail And Female & Arbor Day (VHS) from Cabin Fever
Canadian release.

Rascal Dazzle (VHS/LD) from Embassy Home Entertainment
Original film released 1981. Video released 1984. Four clips from this film are included. The first lasts 0:06, and is part of the opening montage, showing a closeup of Darla. The second clip lasts 0:07, and shows Cousin Amelia in the closet, with music and narration added. The third lasts 0:05, and shows Alfalfa and Darla acting shy. The fourth lasts 0:31, and shows the opening club meeting.

technical details:

Production K-15.

Released November 13, 1937. It was the 161st film in the series to be released. Early in the film season, Fred Quimby of MGM set a projected release date for this production of November 6, 1937.

Copyrighted November 17, 1937, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Corporation. Registration no. LP7624. Renewed May 12, 1965, with registration no. R361173. This copyright is currently due to expire at the end of 2032.

All-talking one-reeler.

Opening title: 'Hal Roach presents Our Gang in "Mail And Female".'

King World Productions episode no. 47b, available in both colorized and original black-and-white versions. This version is listed as "Mail & Female."

the crew:

Produced by Hal Roach
Credited in the film as a presenter.

Directed by Fred Newmeyer
This credit appears in the film.

Photography: Art Lloyd, A. S. C.
This credit appears in the film.

Film Editor: William Ziegler
This credit appears in the film.

Sound: William Randall
Not listed by Maltin & Bann. This credit appears in the film.

Teacher - Fern Carter
This credit derives from the location work sheet.

Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Indicated in the opening title card.

Passed by the National Board of Review
As indicated in the film.

Western Electric System
As indicated in the film.

Approved by the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America
studio personnel
possible uncredited involvement

the kids:

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer as "Alfalfa"
Lead role. He's made the president of the club and must retrieve a love letter to Darla. He also masquerades as "Cousin Amelia."

George "Spanky" McFarland as "Spanky"
Featured role. He's essentially the leader of the gang, but not the president.

Henry Lee as "Spike"
Featured role. He's the sergeant-at-arms. Credited as Alvin Buckelew in the 1977 edition of Maltin & Bann's book, and in Maltin's earlier The Great Movie Shorts.

Darla Hood as "Darla"
Supporting role. She helps Alfalfa elude the other boys.

Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas
Supporting role. The nickname wasn't used in this film. He's the 'messenger,' and tells the gang that Alfalfa has gone to Darla's house.

Eugene "Porky" Lee as "Porky"
Supporting role. He's the '2nd messenger,' and accompanies Buckwheat throughout the film.

Joe "Corky" Geil
Extra. He sits to the right in the foreground.

Harold Switzer
Extra. He sits in back, second from the right.

boy 161a
Extra. He sits right-center and in front.

boy 161b
Extra. He sits up front and to the left.

Darwood Kaye
Extra. Maltin & Bann indicate that the "Waldo" moniker was used in this film, but it wasn't. He sits between Tommy and Harold.

Tommy McFarland
Extra. He sits to the left of Darwood Kaye.

John Collum
Extra. He sits in back at the far left.

Robert Winckler
Extra. Listed by Maltin & Bann as Robert Winkler. He sits in back at the far right.

Freddie Walburn
Extra. He's the blonde boy at the far left.

Baby Patsy May
She's not in the film itself, but her photo is shown during the opening titles.

other kids
There are two additional boys in the club, one of whom is listed by Maltin & Bann as Hugh Chapman, but I don't see him.

the animals:

Bit part. The MGM lion appears at the opening of the film.

Pete the Pup IV
He's not actually in the film, but his photo is shown during the opening titles.

other animals
The only remaining animal in the film is the little dog in the photograph on the clubhouse wall.

the adults:

There are no adults in this film.

the music:

"Good Old Days" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted Jan. 10, 1931.
(A17.) This is played over the opening titles and as we first see Spanky. The last part is played as Alfalfa jumps out the window and the end title appears.

"We're Just A Happy Family" by Leroy Shield
Copyrighted July 30, 1936. Part of this piece is played during the formation of the club. Another portion is played as the boys visit with Amelia.

"You Are The One I Love" by Leroy Shield
The beginning of this piece is played as Alfalfa tells Darla he loves her.


The club in this film is called the He-Man Woman-Haters Club.

The party the boys weren't invited to was thrown by the McGillicuddy girls.

This film is 981 feet in length.

The Famous Kids Comedies print of this film is titled "Male And Female."

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