Seein' Things

film no. 25


Our Gang Silent Comedies Volume 3 (VHS) from Video Classics and
Our Gang Comedies III (VHS) from The Picture Palace
This copy has a generic opening title card. The inter-titles have all been removed. Perhaps it derives from a TV print from the Mischief Makers series. The print totals 15:15, with 14:57 of it original footage. Roughly three quarters of the original film is included.

special note
I was also able to view a home movie print containing much of the first reel, with some of the original inter-titles.

technical details:

Production A-25.

Filmed October 25 to November 7, December 19, 1923, and January 7, 1924. See the 'miscellaneous' section below for details.

Released April 6, 1924. It was the 24th film in the series to be released.

Copyrighted May 12, 1924, by Pathé Exchange, Inc. Registration no. LU20191. Since the copyright was not renewed, this film is now in the public domain.

Silent two-reeler.

Probable opening title: '"Our Gang" Comedies - Hal Roach presents His Rascals in "Seein' Things".'

Released into TV syndication as Mischief Makers episode no. 1018, "A Crazy Dream," copyrighted Sep. 1, 1960, with registration number LP17323.

the crew:

Produced by Hal Roach
Probably credited in the film as a presenter.

Directed by Robert F. McGowan
This credit probably appears in the film, but without his middle initial.

Photographed by Harry W. Gerstad and Blake Wagner
Gerstad probably receives sole credit in the film. Maltin & Bann switch his middle initial with a V. The payroll summaries indicate that he was not present for the retakes. Wagner's credit derives from his status as the Our Gang cameraman during the time of the December retakes.

Edited by Thomas J. Crizer
This credit probably appears in the film as 'T. J. Crizer.'

Titles by H. M. Walker
This credit probably appears in the film.

Story by Hal E. Roach
This credit probably doesn't appear in the film.

Teacher: Fern Carter
Released by Pathé Exchange, Inc.
Passed by the National Board of Review
Probably indicated in the film.

studio personnel
possible uncredited involvement

the kids:

Allen "Farina" Hoskins as "Farina"
Lead role. He's referred to as "her" in the inter-titles, but then he flirts with a girl in one scene, so his gender was left very much in the air during this period. This is the first starring vehicle for Farina, as the rest of the gang definitely take a back seat.

Dorothy Morrison
Supporting role. Maltin & Bann list Florence Morrison, who either appears in a scene not included in my print, or is listed in error. She appears only in dream sequence, but makes a notable appearance.

Jackie Condon
Supporting role. He does mostly ensemble acting, but gets a small highlight as he walks out on the plank to try to catch Farina.

Mickey Daniels as "Mickey"
Supporting role. Like most of the others, he appears frequently in the short, but does only ensemble acting.

Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison
Supporting role. Maltin & Bann don't give him a nickname in the cast listing, but they call him "Sunshine Sammy" in the text portion. Ernie doubles for Farina in some of the human fly shots, but otherwise does nothing too special.

Joe Cobb
Supporting role. He, too, does mostly ensemble acting in this short.

Andy Samuel
Supporting role. He's one of the main gang, but isn't given anything specific to do.

Mary Kornman as "Mary"
Small part. She appears at the gang's barbecue, but doesn't join in chasing Farina around.

other kids
Bit part. The only remaining kid is the baby shown briefly outside of his or her carriage.

the animals:

No animals appear in the available print, nor in a print owned by Robin Cook of C. W. Films which is virtually complete, making this film very unique among the silents.

the adults:

Helen Gilmore as the baby's mother
Bit part. Not listed by Maltin & Bann. She appears briefly to discover the gang pummeling Farina while he's in the baby carriage.

Joseph Morrison as the dancer in top hat and tails
Bit part. According to Maltin & Bann. He doesn't appear in this print.

Silas D. Wilcox as the police officer
Bit part. He doesn't appear in this print, but he's in the upcoming version from C. W. Films.

Abraham Lincoln
His portrait is on the wall of Farina's home.

other adults
Small parts, bit parts and extras.
(1.) Farina's mother, who puts him to bed when she sees his swollen belly.
(2.) The driver of the truck that loses its food. The sign on the truck reads "The Elite."
(3.) Two construction workers preparing the dynamite, plus one more blowing it up.
(4.) Somebody in a row boat.
(5.) Many pedestrians on the sidewalk below.

the locations:

miniature sets
These were currently being used for The Dippy Doo Dads series at the Roach studio.

The Sun Drug Co.
This is shown as the camera looks down at the sidewalk from the top of the building. This building is also shown in the Harold Lloyd film "Girl Shy." Judging by the backgrounds, it's clear that the side of the building being scaled by Farina (and Ernie) is a facade built on the roof of the same building with the flagpole. The facade would have been to the left of the pole, just out of camera range.


14 shooting dates went into the making of this film, with Robert McGowan directing on each date. One day after principle shooting ended for "The Buccaneers" (no. 24), the 'start' date for "Seein' Things" arrived on Oct. 25th. Shooting continued until the 'finish' date of Nov. 7th. No shooting took place on Nov. 4th, which was a Sunday, though the Our Gang unit spent Sunday, Oct. 28th, doing retakes for "The Buccaneers" under the direction of Mark Goldaine. Immediately following the 'finish' date for "Seein' Things," Goldaine began work on "Commencement Day" (no. 26), which continued until early December, when he began work on "It's A Bear" (no. 27). Shooting for this latter film took a day off on Dec. 19th while McGowan did retakes for "Seein' Things" (no. 25). After this, work continued on "It's A Bear" until Goldaine's departure from the studio on Jan. 5th. On Monday, Jan. 7th, McGowan alternated between three films, "Commencement Day," "It's A Bear" and "Seein' Things," this last one finally being finished. After this, McGowan spent the rest of the week finishing the other two films.

The kids are holding the Dugans Alley Annule Barbercooe at the start of this film, repeating a place name from "No Noise" (no. 20).

There were 40 copies of this film printed for its initial release.

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