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The contents of the videos released by this company are mostly made up of Our Gang shorts produced by MGM between 1938 and 1944, but also include the feature film "General Spanky" (no. 150) as well as silent episodes and Roach talkies in the public domain. Related to these releases are those put out by Warner Home Video, which has its own page.


General Spanky (VHS)
Released Sep. 21, 1991. Contents:
The Original Our Gang Comedies Featuring "Don't Lie" (VHS/BETA)
Released Aug. 1992. Contents:
General Spanky (LD)
Released Apr. 1993. Contents:
The Best Of Alfalfa (VHS)
Released July 27, 1994. Contents:
The Best Of Spanky (VHS)
Released July 27, 1994. Contents:
The Best Of Buckwheat (VHS)
Released July 27, 1994. Contents:
Our Gang Comedies (3 LD set)
Released 1994. Contents:

side one
side two
side three
side four
side five
side six
The Best Of Alfalfa 3 Pack (3 VHS set)
Released 2002. Contents:

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